My Tribe.

We are the Jackson tribe; Re. Autumn and Me.

For 7 years it was just Re and I, on May 11, 2011, Miss Autumn Mini joined and completed our tribe, our union. We are a family, a trio, a threesome, we are a packaged deal. As a family we do everything together. We like to travel whether it’s an hour drive or flying across the country. Before we had Autumn, Re and I experienced a lot together, so adding Autumn to our adventures has been a rewarding and exciting experience. We like to take her to zoos, the playground, walks, races, or dance and read in the house.

RE: Originally Rotario, but prefers Re. Airman in the US Air Force. Father. Husband and Son. Handsome. Seriously gets better looking with age. Gym is his sanctuary. Music. Movies. Superman. Video Games. Comic Books.

AUTUMN:  5 years old. Full of laughter and energy. Enjoys reading, dancing, singing, and being outside. Loves water, chasing butterflies and picking daffodils. Favorite song is “Since You Been Gone” on the Pitch Perfect soundtrack. Her face lights up to the sound and image of Bruno Mars, I think it has to do with me singing “Just The Way You Are” as I rocked her in my arms as a baby.

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  1. I love families! I am a Canadian living in the arctic territory of Nunanvut. I am a grandfather of two boys, father of 2 boys and 1 girl as well as an adopted girl who has just graduated from high school. I know family and your family is blessed with happiness and health. Autumn is adorable! It is so refreshing to see a family acting as a unit. So if ever you are in the arctic circle on Baffin Island, drop in for tea! :) (not that you would ever be here!) The "city" is called Iqaluit (eeka loo it) and there are 7000 of us up here. I have some stuff on an old blog that is still up and running but no longer updated. I think that you would enjoy the pictures and some of the stories. My kids got me to write some of the stories and all are true. So keep it together and know how blessed you all are.