Saturday, January 21, 2017


In 2003, a mother supported a daughter's dream. 
A mother with five children put her oldest daughter on a plane to NYC and hoped the best for her young WOMAN. 
She kissed and hugged me, with endless tears in her eyes, she let me go.
I'd like to think before then, I was a young woman still under the wings of my MOTHER, but after that moment, I was a WOMAN. 
I was on my own.
I had my dreams, my aspirations.
I was left alone to figure things out, but as I walked through that airport, I'd look back and there she was. 
I knew, in life, if I ever looked back, she would ALWAYS be there. 
Since then, I've experienced womanhood in many stages of my life. 
I am an indigenous woman. I am an educated woman.
I am a woman who is NOT afraid to speak her mind.
I am fearless.
And now I am raising a future STRONG WOMAN, I am the sister of a girl currently entering WOMANHOOD.
I am an ambassador to these future strong, intelligent, resilient women; Indigenous women.

I woke up this morning, laced up my running shoes; a pre game to the anticipation of a movement, I knew I had to mentally prepare myself. I knew I was going to dig deep emotionally today. Today, I wanted to run for WOMEN, I wanted to run for those who wouldn't be able to make it today. I ran for my mother, my grandmothers, my sisters, my friends. 

I set aside this time to focus solely on them. 

We arrived at the Woman's March on St. Louis; Re, Autumn and I. A grand total of 20,000+ women, men, children. 

 I was in awe; Women has a whole, if we unite, we build bridges, we move mountains.


I MARCH because I am a configuration of my Mother.
Everything my Mother has gone through, what other woman have endured before me.
To those who have been silenced. 
I MARCH because I disagree with a lot of aspects not equal for women, (because yes there are still a lot!) I disagree with the occurrences of a particular public figure downgrading and measuring women to their appearance. 
Yes, there is A LOT of progress, but why stop now?
I MARCH because I will never settle, I will never ignore. 
I MARCH because our daughter's, our children are watching. 
But most of all, I MARCH because I can. 

"...never doubt that you are valuable and powerful and deserving of every chance and opportunity in the world to pursue and achieve your own dreams."

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