Wednesday, February 8, 2017


We were together, the three of us, having dinner in what seemed like a hotel reception room. Outside, the weather was windy, and each time the wind blew the gusts grew stronger. We would move location to location each time the wind grew in strength.

The three of us; with them I felt safe.

Our last location was a large auditorium; the place was filled with other’s like us trying to seek shelter. We were fed, we were warm and safe. At that moment, all I wanted was to shield her in a blanket, to lay her in my lap, as I knew she would drift into a safe sleep. So I told Re I would quickly go out to the car, grab some blankets for us and I would be right back, as the weather was still somewhat fair. He said “Okay, the car isn’t far, but please hurry up.” I ran outside, pressed the car key lock to locate the vehicle. I didn’t hear or see anything. So I ran and I searched, the wind was picking up, but I finally made it. I quickly selected a few blankets, I picked a few pink ones, her baby blankets, for a moment imagining her wrapped and snuggled safely in my lap. I ran, and decided to cut through a building to get back to them. The building was large, reminiscent of a casino. People were eating, laughing, oblivious to what was outside, as I quickly dashed by them. I made it outside of the building, I looked around and I didn’t know where I was. It was now dark, the wind was blowing extremely hard, I could feel I did not have much time left, but I decided to run any way. I ran, but I felt like I was getting nowhere, so I screamed “Someone! Please help!” But as I looked out, I could see and hear other people in the same position as me, screaming for help. I stood there, and in front of me was another building, maybe I could break the window, maybe if I could just move a few feet, I could hopefully survive. But my feet would not move. I kept picturing them in my head, waiting for me. I just wanted to be with them, where they were. Why did I have to go get blankets? Why did I have to leave? I would probably never see them again. I would never get to snuggle her in my lap. I would never feel her warmth wrapped in those pink blankets. I would never make her feel safe again. And so I gave up. 

They would have to be without me.

And so, at that moment, at my very last moments, I woke up.

It was a dream. I was breathless. I was scared. 

I looked to my right, covered in a pink blanket, she was right beside me; safe and sleeping.

I quickly got up, raced downstairs and there he was, cooking breakfast.

I grabbed my golden throw, sat at the kitchen table and cried my eyes out.

He stood there looking at me, concerned, listening to what I had just experienced.

He wrapped me in his big arms, the arms that always enclose me with love, safety, and warmth.

Everything was okay.

I was safe, again.

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